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【亚愽娱乐官方网站】伊布二世感受中超 油腻的饭菜曾让他不适
发布时间:2021-10-09 02:04:01

   Have you seen the comics or movies of "Young and Dangerous"?


   If you have watched it, then, every time Anautovich played, did you instantly find the feeling of tearing man, or the movie lens flashing?


   Flowered arms, slightly tilted head, twitching eyes, looks casual, but domineering in his bones.


   Every time he played, he always let the game commentators sigh: "Big brother is going to play!"


   "I am not Ibrahimovic"


"When I first arrived in China, it took me 3 weeks to adjust the jet lag, which made me feel that I lacked sleep. Every day I went to bed at 6-7 in the morning and got up at 3-4 in the afternoon to train. Sleepy and hungry, I have to eat."








   The Austrians who are unsmiling in the arena and always look serious, it is inevitable that people feel a little cold and lack of affinity.




   After all, many media refer to Anautovic as "Ibrahimovic II", which not only represents a kind of affirmation of strength, but also contains a description of his personality.




"Although I respect Ibrahimovic very much, I think I am two different people from Ibrahimovic. He is a very good player, but don't compare me with him. I have my own style and I am myself. "




   However, Anau, who was transferred in the middle of last season, made people love and hate.


   He is in excellent physical condition and used to be a striker in the Premier League, but he did not find the rhythm to match his teammates in the Super League.


   Like countless world-famous players with good resumes, they have just been put into the shallow water of the Super League, and some can’t turn around.


   "The Super League is more difficult than expected"




   "The Chinese Super League is a completely different environment from the Premier League. When I came to SIPG in the 19th season, it was mid-season. It was not easy because it was summer, and the Premier League was in the offseason in the summer."


   Anau said: "Before I come to the Super League, I am on vacation, so my body has not recovered to its best condition, and the Super League is indeed much more difficult than I thought."


   During the six months of experience in the Super League, the Football Association Cup and the AFC Champions League, Anau had his first experience of Chinese football.


   "When I first came to SIPG, I immediately participated in three away games in the league. At that time, I needed to adapt. While observing how the Chinese team played, I should integrate into the Chinese Super League as soon as possible."


   "In the Football Association Cup, I participated in the match against Evergrande as soon as I came, and I was lucky to win the opponent. But, unfortunately, when I played against Shandong Luneng, there were some details that I didn't do well."


   "As for the AFC Champions League, my memory remains in the two rounds of matches against Urawa. This is the highest level of competition in Asia."


   "We conceded two goals in the first round, and it is a pity that we scored 1 to 1 on the away game to lead out. Every match last season was very important to the team and it gave me a deep impression."


   In fact, there were a lot of topics around Anautovic last season, and of course there were many doubts. Has Anau himself heard of some?


   How does he view the evaluation of the outside world?


   "The first thing I want to say is that I never underestimated the strength of the Chinese Super League before I came here. The Chinese Super League is not as much worse than the mainstream European leagues as the fans think. This is also my personal experience of participating in the league."


"Another point I want to say, at that time, due to various reasons, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Of course, my personality has always been forward-looking. I never compare with my past self. I never look at these things before, I will train hard for the next goal, and I will make myself better."


   "Hot weather needs to adapt"




   The 2020 Chinese Super League is a tournament system. The intensive schedule is a big test of physical fitness, injury, and efficiency for every player.


   In the 12 rounds that have been over, Anau played 12 times and started 11 times. He averaged 75 minutes per game and scored 7 goals. He has become the SIPG striker king and one of the offensive points the team relies on.




"I think my performance is indeed better than one game." Anau said: "What I want to say is that this year is a special environment. We need to complete the game in a closed competition area like Suzhou. We really have to adapt. the process of."


"In the first game, I especially felt the very hot weather because we weren't very adaptable. We played very hard in that game. But everyone has seen the performance of our team. It is indeed better than the other. I hope that we can continue to perform like this and be able to maintain this state."


   "I still have room for improvement"




   Anau said: "Since I joined the team on the first day, I have had a very harmonious relationship with my teammates and the entire team."


   "Of course, when I first came, I needed to have a process of adapting. I needed to adapt to the Super League, the weather in China, the time difference between here and Europe, and the situation where I often played at night."

“当然,当我刚来时,我需要进行适应。我需要适应超级联赛,中国的天气,这里和欧洲之间的时差以及我经常在夜间玩的情况。 ”

   "Every football player is actually the same. When he comes to a new league in the first year, he has to adapt to many new things, including the country's culture, time difference, weather, etc."


   "I grew up in Austria and played in the Premier League since I was a child. I have always been in a relatively cold environment. I really need to adapt to the hot weather in China to play."


   "But in my opinion, no matter last year or this year, my performance is pretty good, like scoring 10 goals in 11 games last season."


   "Although many people say that the Chinese Super League is an easier league compared to the Premier League. But when I personally participated, I didn't think so."


   "Obviously, the Super League is also very challenging. The purpose of my coming here is to bring more help to the team, including goals, assists and victories."


   "On the other hand, it is not right to compare last year's league with this year's league alone, because the situation is different."


   "This year, we have experienced a special year. Because of the impact of the virus, we came to Suzhou for an isolated game. It used to be one game in seven days and now it is one game in four days.


   "At the beginning of this year, when the domestic epidemic was the worst, we left everything behind and trained in Dubai for a period of time. Everyone paid a lot for the team.


   Anau said: "During this period, the players can't see their family or their friends, and all this is for the purpose of playing this year's game."


"Now this result is also expected. Everyone's hard work has been fairly well rewarded. Of course, we still have a lot of room to improve ourselves. For me, I don't think we have reached the time in the UK. I can perform better."


   "I don't like failure"




   Ideally, what kind of look should such a combination bring to SIPG's striker?


   Regarding the "Asia's Most Expensive Trident", Anautović seemed indifferent. He said indifferently: The media gave us the title of "Asia's Most Expensive Trident", but we did not actually focus on it.




   "For me, going on the field is like a soldier going to the battlefield. I have to do my best. I don't like losing or losing. I may be unhappy after losing."


"Many people may think that this is a weakness, but I think that the spirit of the football field is to have this kind of spirit, although sometimes I will be unhappy when I lose, but after adjusting my mentality, I still run for the next game. Win and keep working hard."


   "I like China very much"




   Anau is the latest foreign player to return from SIPG. Due to some special reasons, after SIPG ended the Dubai training in early March, Anau did not train with SIPG.


   But everyone was surprised to find that after returning from July to join the team, he maintained a very good physical condition.


   What kind of efforts did you make during your overseas period to ensure good condition? Is it because of high expectations for this season?


   The seemingly simple topic evoked many memories of Anau.


Obviously, regarding the topic of "status", Anau has many feelings: "When I first arrived in China last year, I needed to adapt to various things, such as jet lag. Sometimes I couldn't sleep at night and would stay up late with my family. People talking."


  "Drink carbonated drinks, sugary drinks such as Sprite, Coke, and Fanta. But these are not good for your health, and you still eat at the wrong time.


   "Chinese food is relatively oily, and I am not very comfortable. When I realized the problem, I started to change everything intentionally." Less oil and sugar, returning to a more accustomed western food, is obviously important to ensure the state.


"After all, physical condition is a foundation, and the Chinese Super League is a fierce competition in a league. I must maintain my physical condition so that I can run on the court and score goals for the team. Without a good physical foundation, it will be difficult to move. ."




   When eating habits and living habits ensure that the state has recovered, the unexpected situation caused Anau and the team to be unable to practice together for several months.


"Because Austria is my home country, all my family, children and friends are in Austria, so during the most difficult period (the epidemic), I was worried about my family’s safety before flying back to accompany them. Before I left, I also talked to the head coach. I communicated with the leaders of the club, and they all expressed their understanding.


   "After I went back, I didn't relax my training, because I was always ready to wait for the club's call and wait for the team to come back to play in the Super League when the team needed me.


  "So, I have been keeping various exercises in the gym by myself. I also pay special attention to diet, which makes my muscle body fat lower than before when I come back.


   "After returning to Shanghai, I was quarantined in Shanghai for 14 days in accordance with the relevant anti-epidemic policies of the Chinese government. This is something I must comply with.


"Just for a professional athlete, the 14-day quarantine will definitely affect my own state. Fortunately, after communicating with the club, the club prepared a lot of training equipment for me, including bicycles, dumbbells and other strength equipment, plus my own strength. Desire allows me to exercise continuously during the isolation period.


   "So, this is the reason why you can see my performance now. Of course, I am not very satisfied with myself, I can do better."


   So now, have you adapted to life in China? Have you considered bringing your family to China?


   Anau said: "When I returned to Austria, I kept telling my wife and family that China is a great place, and I like it very much.


"I said I will live in China for a period of time. It is like my second hometown, and my children have been asking when they can come to China and when they can go to Disneyland, so I think it should be soon. "


   When talking about his family, Anau’s face shows a rare smile. Many fans said that they saw Anau's smile for the first time in the video of a billiards game in Suzhou a few days ago.


   Does Anau love to laugh? Anau said: "I know that the outside world always says that I like to be angry, or have a great temper, or just don't laugh too much, and always look serious and look hard to approach. But I think that is a misunderstanding of me by the outside world.


 亚愽娱乐官方网站  "In fact, people who are familiar with me will know that as long as they stay with me for a week, I often laugh in life. I like to joke with you, not what everyone thinks.


   "Obviously, the way the outside world knows about me seems to be only on the playing field. At that time, it was really nothing ridiculous, because we were fighting. If you see me in a hotel or other places, you will see my smile."


   "I want to win honor this season"




"Every team may have problems like this, whether it is Beijing Guoan or Guangzhou Evergrande, every team has ups and downs, and there will be times when the state is good or bad. Even if you play well, it may not be Can win the game, and this is football."




   "For me, it means to recover from the fatigue of each game as soon as possible, avoid injury, and continue to focus on the next game."




   (Qu Xiaoyou)

   (Q U ξ遨游)

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